Turkish Government Prepares to Intervene in Bedrooms

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s statements regarding his worries on mixed-sex housing for students started a new wave of arguments within the country, raising social tension and anger among the young. Prime Minister Erdogan defended his statement saying his government can not possibly tolerate young adults to live in the same household without marriage, as “anything” [...]

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Did RedHack Prevent a Possible Turkish Intervention in Syria?

Since the first days of the unrest in Syria, Turkey has been deploying troops to its borderline in order to prevent any spillovers, shootings or basic “misunderstanding” at the border zones. As Syrian conflict escalated into a civil war, the number of Turkish troops have risen to the point that one would think a war [...]

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Internet Freedom Report 2013 – Turkey: Partly Free and in Decline

(click to see the original full report) Looking at the level of development in communication technologies and means in the world, one can say that one of the primary major problems in terms of democracy that states and governments face is surveillance and censorship. This is a problem that is linked to every other problem [...]

Can’t Find the Whistleblower? Arrest a Scapegoat and Imprison & Torture Him Instead!

The most common trend of surveillance states in the recent years is to chase after whistleblowers and attempt to limit citizens’ information sources that do not put forward the government version of events. Secret information, however, has lured the attention of millions of people at all times. In the last few years, the names of [...]

Avrupa Komisyonu Facebook Sansürü İddialarına Yanıt Verdi

Avrupa Parlamentosu, Avrupa Halk Partisi üyesi Polonya milletvekili Pawel Zalewski 6 Ağustos 2013 tarihinde, Facebook’un Türkiyeli kullanıcılara yönelik kısıtlamacı ve sansürcü uygulamalarına dair E-009497-13 sayılı bir soru önergesi vermişti. Soru metninde Türkiyeli kullanıcıların profil, sayfa, grup adresleri ve içeriklerinin silinmesine dair kısa bir bilgi verilmiş ve Avrupa Komisyonunun bu raporlardan haberdar olup olmadığı ve bir [...]